May 13, 2016

B2B by Numbers

“Lies, damn lies and statistics,” Mark Twain quipped. He lived in the days before big data, in an era when ROI could be measured only by counting the cash in one’s pocket. Now that we can measure everything, there’s no reason not to. It informs transparency, corporate governance and even effective business processes.


45 = The percentage of Canadian businesses that…

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April 28, 2016

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Content Marketing

This month at Social Media London we welcomed Oliver Spall, Social Marketing Advisor at LinkedIn. Oliver joined us to talk about Content Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn, looking at best practice, stats from LinkedIn, as well as a few highlights of LinkedIn’s new features.

Here are the main takeaways from the event:


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April 4, 2016

5 Business Lessons From Billionaire Mentors

If you scour the Internet looking for tips on entrepreneurship, you can read forever. Unfortunately, a lot of the advice is of mixed quality and comes from people who haven’t necessarily succeeded at anything. To me, the “who” behind the advice matters as much as the “what,” because ultimately, you have to believe that the person giving you advice has actually been in your shoes.

This is why I’ve built my startup strategy using advice from billionaire mentors such as Mark Cuban and Richard Branson. Here, I’d like to share the five most important business lessons these billionaire mentors have inspired.


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March 16, 2016

Don’t shirk from negative comments on your B2B Facebook page

When your business has a Facebook page, it’s inevitable that there will be some negative comments posted. At first these negative posts might sting a bit, but B2B companies should view them as a customer service opportunity, publicly demonstrating how much your company cares about a client’s experience.

To successfully turn these negative posts into a positive brand- and relationship-building experience though, B2B companies need to take the following six steps:


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February 24, 2016

How to Find the Right B2B Partner for Your Business

In the early days of your small business, you might find it easier and more cost effective to do everything yourself. As you grow, you’ll likely need the help of a business-to-business (B2B) vendor or partner to accomplish tasks like accounting, shipping, manufacturing and marketing.
But you can’t just make a deal with the first vendor you come across. After all, this company will play a role in your operations, and you have to be sure you can entrust it with an asset as valuable as your business. Business News Daily asked business leaders for advice on finding and maintaining the best B2B partnerships.

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February 3, 2016

B2B Content Strategies Have Room for Improvement

Few B2Bs have a high-performance content strategy, leverage most effective content types.

A multitude of departments at business-to-business (B2B) firms rely on marketing content success. But before B2Bs dive into content marketing efforts, they may want to take a step back and start with an effective strategy—something recent research suggests many aren’t doing.


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January 28, 2016

How to Target Corporate Customers on Facebook

If you’re a B2B company, you probably roll your eyes when people mention Facebook as an effective form of channel for customer acquisition. Because ad systems like LinkedIn ads provide targeting down to the job role & company size. How convenient.

Yes, LinkedIn makes B2B marketers lazy.. which is why their CPC can be anywhere between 2x to 10x the cost of Facebook’s CPC. See… growth hacking (i.e. online marketing + customer acquisition) isn’t about being lazy and being spoon-fed, it’s about being creative and understanding human behavior.


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January 20, 2016

How to add meaning to B2B marketing with visuals

The power of visuals in B2B marketing is undeniable. And while the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is cliché, there is truth to that statement. In fact, the accuracy of that statement served as the presentation jumping off point for one of today’s leading visual marketing experts in late July.

Ekaterina Walter, evangelist at social media software company Sprinklr, and best-selling author of books such as The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand, opened her after-lunch session on July 31 with some intriguing questions: Do you do “heart” marketing or “head” marketing? Do you sell a product feature story? Or do you tell how a product changed someone’s life?


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January 13, 2016

18 Great B2B Business Ideas for 2016 (Part 3)

Is 2016 the year you finally start your own business? If so, launching a business-to-business (B2B) company is worth considering. Aspiring B2B entrepreneurs can use their skills to help other businesses grow along with their own. Of course, you’ll need a great idea to get you started on your startup journey. Here are 18 smart B2B business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit this year.

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